Are Audiobooks Helping or Harming literature?

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April 27, 2017
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The way that we read is changing, fifty years ago everyone was reading newspapers and reading novels. The way we digest information is changing, people used to only be able to find out information by picking up a newspaper when they came out and finding out there.

Today we can have push notifications to our phones and get the news as it happens, no waiting a day to find out. The waiting for news is something that I only hear about from my parents’ generation… however, this is not the point of this article. This article is about audiobooks and if they are helping or harming literature as we know it.


As an avid audiobook listener, I will make the argument first that I think they are helping with literature. How I see it is that I do not have time or the energy to read a book, I would love to and I have a very long list of books that I want to read, but the problem is carving out time out of my day to actually read and hopefully I will get into the book quick enough to start to enjoy it.

With Audiobooks, I merely have to “Turn on, Tune In” I get the book I want to listen to and just start – usually it takes a little longer than I would take to read. I have found it very useful for books where I may not entirely understand the words used or the language (Lord of the Rings for example).

I think that Audiobooks are helping us with literature as it is easier for us to digest it in the modern fast paced world. I often also listen to Audiobooks whilst I am driving to work or while I am waiting for a train.


All of that lovely talk being said, I do also understand that there is no better feeling than a book in hand. I can’t imagine myself relaxing next to the pool with an audiobook as opposed to a real book…

Let me know what you think in the comments below:

Audiobooks or nah?