What is the best way to stay motivated at work?

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Motivated at work

Exercise early in the morning

This is something that I have recently started, I have always enjoyed going to the gym, but usually I would do it after work and then it would be so busy that I would get all annoyed with it and just leave after half my workout. These days I am up at 6, in the gym by 6:30 -I can already feel a difference in my morning routine. By the time I get to work I am not just waking up, I am ready for the day and probably half way through a fantastic cup of coffee. This is crucial to my work week routine. Without the gym, in the morning I struggle to get to sleep in the evening.

Push yourself

There is nothing wrong with pushing yourself, giving yourself objectives (in addition to those set by your work). I find the only way that I am motivated is when I set tasks for myself. both long term and short term. For example, one of my long-term goals is to do an online Digital Marketing course (paid). One of my short term goals is to complete the Google AdWords Course online and upskill myself in this area. This is in addition to the work that I am currently doing, so you have to make sure that you can balance this and that you are organised.

Be organised

In the previous section, I spoke about tasks and completing them to reach your objectives. To reach these objectives you will need to be organised. I am a major fan of to-do lists (if you haven’t yet you can read my article on to-do lists here). This is really the only way that I can get through a work week because there is so much that can distract on a daily basis. I am not even talking about Social Media. My guilty pleasure is blog reading, especially things that are industry related, social media related or WordPress related; yes, these are educating me, but there is a time and a place for it.

Have a banging playlist

For me, this is a vital element to my work day. I need my headphones so that I can listen to music while I am working. I have different playlists for the different types of work I do. (Check out my blog post on it here) When I am building websites and I really need to concentrate I put on classical music. It really helps me block out the world and focus on that page I am working on. When I am writing blog posts like this one right here, I love listening to my old school playlist. Right now I am listening to “Come On Eileen”. It just gives me a spring in my writing (is that a saying? It should be)


What do you do to stay motivated in the office?