Game Review: Horizon Zero Dawn
Yes, I know that I am VERY behind with this game because it came out ages ago and I am
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Game Review: Assassins Creed Origins
In case you don’t know, there is a cracking new Assassins Creed game out there: Assassins Creed Origins is its
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Photo by Ugur Akdemir on Unsplash
My favourite Open World Games
I have had many years of playing games, moving from the old faithful PlayStation one through to Xbox 360, to
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Game review: The Witcher 3 PC edition
Remember last week I spoke about my new gaming PC and how much I love it? Well, truth be told
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My Brand New Gaming Desktop
So, I finally did the thing I have been speaking about for ages, I have bought myself a gaming computer.
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Grillado: One of the best meals of my life This was arguably one of the best experiences I have ever
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My first time in Belgium I could sit here and give you a very brief overview of my time in
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Driftwood seating
Birthday Delights at Driftwood Friday the 31st of March, dinner reservation, arrived early primarily due to the excitement. When we
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Are Audiobooks Helping or Harming literature?
The way that we read is changing, fifty years ago everyone was reading newspapers and reading novels. The way we
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Can Social Media destroy your brand?
This is quite a tense debate in today’s day and age where one wrong move and everyone will hate you.
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