Can Social Media destroy your brand?

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March 3, 2017
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This is quite a tense debate in today’s day and age where one wrong move and everyone will hate you. We have all heard about different brands making horrendous mistakes and thinking that it will never happen to any person worth their salt.

Well, I can tell you that bigger brands really do have a tough job of it because people try to lure them into it. There are so many trolls out there on the internet just trying to cause a scene. However, it can be an employee that can ruin your brand through social media. Here is a great example:

Iggy Azalea ordered a pizza through Papa Johns, the delivery driver took the pizza to her house and then distributed the number to his family and friends to which she started getting calls and texts. Obviously, this upset her (as it would if the same thing happened to me – even though I am not famous). She took to twitter to express her anger – bear in mind she has 7.19 million followers on twitter.

One bad review from her and a hell of a lot of people are going to be hearing about it. Her message tagging Papa John’s got a bunch of retweets – the one saying “Pippa Johns was my favourite Pizza…” that has gone up to 15 000 likes and 11 000 retweets. This is an incredibly tough situation for the Brand. Not only are you being broadcast on twitter about something your employee has done, but technically this is a data breach and is illegal.

So there are many things to be taken into consideration here. This is just one mistake. As you can see it has had a seriously reach for the brand.


Social Media is one of the best, quickest and cheapest ways to get your name and your brand out to the public. This is where having something like brand guidelines can help set the tone you are wanting for your business, but not only that, I would recommend having a fall back plan in case something goes wrong.

Check, double check and triple check your campaigns before you send them out to make sure they are appropriate. Don’t jump on a hashtag with something that is not relevant and just purely to market yourself (we all see people trying to promote their company on a hashtag that has nothing to do with their industry). Engage in the hashtags in the appropriate way. Please.





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