Game Review: Dragon Age Inquisition

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February 11, 2016
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March 23, 2016
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Dragon Age


Dragon Age Inquisition Backstory


So if you know the  Dragon Age games by Bioware then please feel free to skip over this section cause I am just going to be letting the rest catch up before I go on with my review. Lemme just put it out there immediately, I love this game, love may not even be a strong enough feeling. Open World, engaging story, amazing graphics and characters that you will crush on and genuine hatred towards the “bad guy” – No wonder this gem won Game of the Year. When I write my reviews of games I do my best not to compare them to any other game I may have played – it is tough cause it is so easy to do, but I believe that all games are different and should be treated as individuals.


Let’s get onto the game


Now this game was bought on a complete impulse (I am normally that weird girl in the game store/shop/thing watching YouTube game-play of a game before I buy it) but this time I didn’t (I think I had, had a cocktail or two before going on my adventures). So I buy this game and have to make my character (dying of happiness already – I love games such as this), needless to say that sleep was neglected for a few days while I got absorbed into the game. I decided to be a Rogue cause I like playing with the bow and arrow characters, pretty sure I wanted to be Legolas as a kid… I had long blonde hair, he had long blonde hair… no? okay then.


But seriously folks, this game is incredible – I’m not going to spoil it and say what happens at the end, what I will talk about is the incredible dialogue opinions you get, so much rides on the decisions you make – I can’t deal with this amount of responsibility in real life, so I am not sure how I deal with it in a game situation. The Romance options alone could be a blog post, Bioware are incredible, you can basically date one of your ‘companions’ – some only like the male Inquisitors, some only like the ladies and others are really happy with whatever you are. I think I have played this game 4 times now and always had a different lover, now those stories are incredible on their own. Script writers in games have a way of completely drawing you in.


Script writers of Dragon Age… I love you, you need to know this.


Buy this game… like right now. go and buy it.



Pippa Ratings:

Gameplay – 10/10
Presentation –  10/10
Enjoyment – 5/5
Other – 5/5 

Final Score: 30/30

This to me is the perfect game.