The relief when exams are finally finshed

Build your dream house only to have someone eat it.
June 5, 2015
Quitting cigarettes – addicted to vaping
June 6, 2015
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m104-lord-of-rings-after-examWow the week from hell is finally completed – Ah Exams they are the worst! I now know exactly how young Frodo and Sam felt carrying that damn ring to Mordor.

In this story the ring = my hopes and dreams of getting a degree. Obviously whoever thought of studying via correspondence was both a genius and a sadist. It is amazing! And horrible at the same time. Where there is pleasure there is pain… Very Ying and Yang…

But now i am done, finished… it is such a weight off my mind, working full time and studying part time is really very tiring… which is why I live on Red Bull and coffee (not together obviously…. unless you wash the coffee down with a Red Bull – note to self, it doesn’t taste that great…)

Let’s go do something ridiculous. It is Friday after all!