Game Review: Mass Effect Andromeda

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March 1, 2017
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Mass Effect Andromeda: My Review

Let me begin by saying that I will not be spoiling this game for anyone who has not yet played it, I have only recently finished this game and would have hated someone spoiling it for me.

I liked this game thoroughly, contrary to the stick it got from critics when it was first released, I enjoyed it. There were things that I thought were a little weak per say, but nothing so major that I regretted buying it at all. I thought the humour was on point, the banter in the Nomad (your car) was amazing. Yes, the graphics sometimes let the team down – I am looking at you syncing the lips to the words. Overall I thought it was a good game. Now comes the real thing, was it as good as Mass Effect One, Two and Three? No… I loved those games, I cherish those games. Those games made me incredibly emotional – yes I cried. This game did not have the same emotional impact on me.

BUT, I played this game and loved it. I did not count it as part of the series, I feel that would have been a mistake. The tales of Shepard were immense and built up over 3 games, this is just one game. (I am pretty sure that they are hinting at some juicy DLC’s though).


Pippa Ratings:

Gameplay – 8/10
Presentation –  9/10
Enjoyment – 5/5
Other – 2/5

Final Score: 24/30


This game had some disappointing graphics and some well-documented glitches, but all in all, I thought it was an amazing open world game. I loved playing as Ryder, his (I played as a man the first time) wit was incredible and the banter as I have said was everything I wanted in a game.