Game Review: Ryse – Son of Rome

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March 23, 2016
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Ryse: Son of Rome

So quite a few months ago I ended up giving into temptation and buying myself an Xbox One. However being the thrifty shopper I can occasionally be, I ended up buying one that came with an array of games (most of them truth be told I had never even heard of let alone buy them) – but when the price is right it is difficult to deny buying things.


This game happened to be one of those that were included, now if you have been following my blog even a little you would know about my history and my Italy obsession, this game threatened to tickle my fancy.



So let’s get onto Ryse.



You play Marius Titus a Roman centurion and you play with him until he becomes one of the leaders in the Roman Legion. Very Gladiator – but kids this is set in an ALTERNATE version of Rome. So somethings are true, others not so much. The graphics of this game are seriously incredible, at one point you are meant to be following Marius’ father through the streets of Rome in a hurry – I spent so much time admiring the graphics that I almost forgot I was being attacked by Barbarians. grr. So, the game play. wow, the fighting is insane and the special moves and all that, that you get to unlock are killer – excuse the pun.


I am usually not one for noticing faults in games, I love games that have incredible plot-lines and twists and all that jazz – this game had one MAJOR fault for me. It was SO short. I am pretty sure I finished it in one sitting, and that sitting wasn’t even an all-nighter, yes there are the online games and stuff that you can get into, but the main campaign was stupidly short. I have never made a game myself, but even for me this game could have done so much more in the campaign.



Pippa Ratings:

Gameplay – 10/10

Presentation –  10/10

Enjoyment – 4/5

Other – 2/5 

Final Score: 26/30

Conclusion: Amazing game – incredible graphics – disappointing length of play.