One of the coolest gift I bought myself Go Pro

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June 4, 2015
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I am definitely a gadget kinda girl, I love everything really that involves thing electronic. Basically anything that beeps and has pretty lights. I realised that I have a proper obsession with things. Like I couldn’t help but buy myself one awesome present about two years ago. I bought myself a Go-Pro – arguably one of the coolest things I have.

I mean I wish I used it for its full capability (if anyone has a motorbike or has a voucher for skydiving/cage diving/ bungee-jumping etc etc… swing it my way) I have always wanted to do those things, but now I want to do those things and have them on my Go-Pro. 

I usually tend to take my Go-Pro to festivals with me, love the wide angle lens and the fact that it is waterproof is definitely a HUGE plus. I used to take it clubbing, but the lack of lighting made that impossible and to be honest I am actually quite grateful for that. Somethings that happen at clubs should stay at clubs.

I REALLY want to do some adventure thing with my go pro.

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