Game Review: Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone DLC

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Witcher DLC


Should you get the Hearts of Stone DLC?

Today I will be doing something I usually don’t do, give my opinion (I mean who writes a blog with their own opinion honestly). But I have recently finished this game’s DLC and I think it is time for me to write about it. Right so Hearts of Stone – muchos cool name, also pretty vague about what it is going to entail until you dive in.


The magnificent thing about this DLC is that they bring in certain elements from the original game (hint: a character you meet early in the original game is this games main antagonist, so that is pretty mint if you are into continuity like I am) But this game is more than just about that. Hearts of Stone brings in many different elements to the front as well as a potential new Lover for Geralt (this guy is seriously popular).


If you are wanting to play this game non-stop then chances are good that you will finish this game in about ten hours. I preferred playing it when I had done the main story line so that I was leveled up enough, but to each his own – warning to all those adventurers out there – when you go to the very top right of the Novigrad map and you see all these amazing new things you can do – be careful as the bad things are VERY strong.


In my opinion you should buy this game right now – in fact here is a link for it – go buy it: Xbox  PS4


Gameplay – 10/10
Presentation – 10/10
Enjoyment – 5/5
Other – 3/5 (The reason this extension could not be perfect: if you play it and are not at a very high level – the game says you need to be on level 32 to not have the little skull thing over the mission. That is like the bare minimum. Try to be closer to level 40 before you tackle this beast. Also if you are like me and are scared of spiders… beware. I first played it at night and I screamed like a little girl)

Final Score: 28/30 (Incredible)