Last Weekend Shenanigans

One of the coolest gift I bought myself Go Pro
June 3, 2015
Sushi Obsession
June 4, 2015
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Ah the weekend, time to relax with family and friends,relax at home, have a glass or five of Vino you know the usual… for some people. I tend to try spice up my weekends (makes Fridays so much more exciting when you have something crazy in store – it is even better when you don’t plan it or tell people what is going to happen #GoWithTheFlow)

Well my Friday Night wasn’t as riveting as Rebecca Black’s Friday (she sounds like she is having a hoot and a half doesn’t she?) pretty sure I was playing some Xbox- which I love!
BUT Saturday, was an awesome day. Firstly we went to EGE convention at the CTICC, I was not dressed up in CosPlay and I was really sad about that…. Had I known so many people were dressed up I totally would have done the same! Then we went celebrity stalking/sighting at the One & Only in the Waterfront – unfortunately there were none to spot, the only thing I spotted was the check at the end. Expensive, but worth it! We then went for coffee and sushi at Harbour House in the Waterfront. My home girl Jess and I really do get up to the best things on the weekend!

Next I really wanna do something adventurous like Sky Diving! I wonder if you can hear me screaming from the ground… will keep you posted….