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Mafia 2

I remember when I first played Mafia 2, I was living in Australia (I had an xbox at home in South Africa) and I played this for the first time on a PS3, needless to say I was completely drawn in by this game.
I like to think of this game as Linear-Open World, cause you can just drive around, but there really isn’t all that much to do, just keep in mind that this game was released in 2010 and things have advanced at wrap speed since then.

This game was such a surprise for me that when I got home to South Africa I went and bought it even thought I had finished it when I was in Aus.

You play Vito Scaletta (what a boy) – naughty boy got caught during a robbery and was given the choice of going to war or jail. You chose war, long story short you survive the war – go you. You then go home to Empire Bay (which based on the likes of New York, Detroit, Chicago etc) you get it.

I think my best part of this game is the music and how things get more “advanced” as the game progresses, I’m not going to spoil it here, but you basically get out of the real world for a while and when you come back the music is different and it is a different era in the world, different music, different cars and people acting differently. It is amazing, really makes you feel as your character feels – if you work hard enough you will make a different lifestyle for yourself. (Being all Italian Gangster and all that).


Gameplay – 8/10
Presentation – 10/10
Enjoyment – 5/5
Other – 3/5

Final Score: 26/30 (Very Good)
My only crit of mafia 2 is that there are few to no side missions, everything is pretty Linear.
That being said they are releasing Mafia 3 in 2016 and that is going to BLOW our minds!