Quitting cigarettes – addicted to vaping

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June 5, 2015
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June 8, 2015
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I don’t think people really understand how tough it is to quit cigarettes, neither did I until I decided to finally give them up – for many reasons firstly apparently they are bad for you (as my mother and everyone says – I know they are bad for me, but I had an addiction) and perhaps the biggest personal reason for giving them up was the cost, you need to sell some body parts just to be able to afford a box of Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol.

I couldn’t handle the cost anymore, I was smoking a lot at the time as I was a waitress and it was the only break we got – smoke break for 5 minutes, so you smoked a lot in a day just to be able to sit down for a few minutes – but that is neither here nor there. I was smoking about 2 boxes during the week then at least 2 on the weekends sometimes more,it depends whether or not I was going out drinking.(some math for you: 4 boxes at R39 a box when i was buying them = R156.00 a week, which is 624 a month, which finally makes that R7488 per year just on smoking) it was just starting to get out of hand.

I took a leap of faith and decided to get an e-cig (twisp, vape mob – whatever is your fancy) I personally Vapelove the flavors of vape mob – ah the joys of Vaping! The initial start up is expensive (arguably a months worth of smokes) that was a knock. BUT what people forget is that the flavours are only R160 (from Vape Mob) and that lasts me an absolute age (2/3 months) now that is where I am saving my money.

I want to say thank you to whoever invented this little beauty, without it I would be very poor and with a Tara Reid sounding voice.

Now I can spend my money on things I really need, like new Xbox games….