Should I get a PS4?

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July 1, 2015
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July 7, 2015
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Well isn’t this the question on my mind today, just to let it be known, I love all consoles, this is not meant to start one of those console wars – I want to be able to play all the games I want… Best way to beat the console war is to have all the consoles! 

But the question is, should I?

Now there are so many positives about having all the games I want – like Uncharted 4… Just saying I know it is an obsession. (which is why I want a PS4)

The question I am wondering is how much Vitamin D from Sunlight do I actually need? :p

But seriously here folks, when it comes to consoles I am obsessed – I remember getting my first PS1 and loving every moment of Crash Bandicoot (I think I still hear the noises of that game while I sleep) and I remember getting my original xbox – that thing was a brick.

Now I look at my xbox one and the graphics blow me away constantly – I was playing the witcher yesterday and couldn’t believe the detail in the small things. I want a PS4 because I really want to get No Man’s SKy mainly and Uncharted 4…


Can you advise me against or for this decision? Anyone?