Game Review: Skyrim PS3 vs PC

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January 27, 2016
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Skyrim PS3 vs PC – What does this mean?

Well firstly let me put it out there that I have played this game both on PC and PS3. This is an incredible game and I recommend people playing it as often as humanly possible. Incredible story, amazing open world – really what else can you ask for in a game, not much… that is the answer I am looking for. Skyrim PS3 – well I have always been a fan of using a controller, I never really played computer games like this – I was mainly into things like Age of Empires and Civilization on computer. (Anyone remember the game Pharaoh? Man that game was amaze) But I digress as I usually do.


Skyrim PS3 was amazing cause it was the first time I played this game that I had heard so much about. Then I can honestly say I started getting somewhat obsessed with this game. However it was on Jess’s’s’s PS3 so I could only play it when I went to her house (she is a blogger too and you should check out her site) So i decided to buy it for my PC… which is probably why I hardly ever sleep anymore… I mean really, this game is incredible from all the choices you must make, (who else became a member of the Dark Brotherhood?…. We know) to the graphics… those graphics though. This being said I have NO idea how to do the modding thing, but I would really LOVE to learn how to do it. Not to the extreme that some people do where suddenly you will get Thomas the Tank engine coming over the hill… or something like that… I dont know, I wanna learn how people enhance the graphics…


Anyone that can help… please… help.9F1d6Es

Pippa Ratings:

Gameplay – 10/10
Presentation –  10/10
Enjoyment – 5/5
Other – 4/5 – I am inclined to give this game the perfect score, but that being said… I need to learn the mods and then I will be more than happy to give this brilliant game a 30/30, but for now…

Final Score: 29/30