Game Review: Skyrim, not addicted or anything.

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July 30, 2015
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August 1, 2015
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So I am going to start off this Blog post by asking, who has played Skyrim?
It is a silly question if you have ever been on 9Gag, you will know what it looks like and therefore you will want to try it out. That exact story happened to me… I eventually cracked and now I can say that I have played both Skyrim and now Elder Scrolls Online.

I really do love open world games, they are totally the reason why consoles were invented in the first place, to be able to run freely is the greatest thing in the world and I love anything where I can customise a player.

Are there many DragonBorn reading this blog right now? fus ro dah anyone?
I won’t go ahead and say anything I regret – Trolls kill me, however I will say that if you have never played it you must.
Unless you got a lot of work to do – time means nothing in Skyrim.