Sushi Obsession

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June 4, 2015
Build your dream house only to have someone eat it.
June 5, 2015
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Have you ever gone out with a friend to dinner and they order something that you kinda would rather die than try? Well I used to all the time (I was definitely a fussy eater before a became a waitress – then you learn to eat on the fly and really anything that you can – but also I was working in quite a fancy restaurant at the time and I wanted to impress the chef by trying all the things he was making – things with scallops and fresh tuna and squid #NowIAmHungry)

 So I used to go out with my friends and I used to get the cold shakes thinking about the food they were ordering, nothing to crazy, but insane to my membrane – Sushi. I had never tried it before and because I was a super fussy individual I decided from the word go that I hated it. Raw fish. Weird mayo. Fish eggs… really I’ll have a pizza please. Then one day I went out with a friend, just the two of us, she ordered the salmon Nigiri. She offered me a bite and we were at quite an expensive restaurant… I felt like if I was ever going to jump on the wave that was sushi in Cape Town I had little other choice… I dipped it into the soy sauce, and gingerly put it into my mouth…

 I swear at that exact moment there were angels singing and crying and violins and a full marching band playing. It was glorious – also she had to beat me off the rest of her sushi…

I can officially say that I am now a sushi addict. 

Every day I have a little dream about eating sushi… if you want to know the true meaning of resilience… I work NEXT to a sushi place that is amazing and INCREDIBLY reasonably priced… I may have had some today… what have I done?

 What do you think about Sushi? Let me know!