June 3, 2015

One of the coolest gift I bought myself Go Pro

I am definitely a gadget kinda girl, I love everything really that involves thing electronic. Basically anything that beeps and has pretty lights. I realised […]
June 4, 2015

Sushi Obsession

Have you ever gone out with a friend to dinner and they order something that you kinda would rather die than try? Well I used to […]
June 5, 2015

The relief when exams are finally finshed

Wow the week from hell is finally completed – Ah Exams they are the worst! I now know exactly how young Frodo and Sam felt […]
June 6, 2015

Quitting cigarettes – addicted to vaping

I don’t think people really understand how tough it is to quit cigarettes, neither did I until I decided to finally give them up – […]
June 8, 2015
load shedding

I got them Load Shedding Blues

So for all of those who have never experienced the raw joy of Load shedding let me paint you a picture – go to the mains switch in […]
June 9, 2015
rome forum

Divine, delicious, decadent, daring, darling Italian living

Everyone loves going out – well most people love going out, I happen to be one of them. I see no greater joy than going […]