Why I love Tattoos / Think before you ink.

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July 2, 2015
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July 9, 2015
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Tattoo gun

My parents are always asking me why I love getting tattoos and honestly the answer is simple: it isn’t cause I like pain or anything like that (dirty minds) – no it is because I love the art of it. People actually train to do this, it is an art form. Art that is with you forever – so remember kids, think before you ink.

I have a few tattoos and I can honestly say – that the tattoos I got when I was younger – well the one – i got covered up. 18 Year old Pippa and 24 Year old Pippa are different creatures. 

The moral of my story is that the tattoos you get when you are younger – they remain with you (unless you are willing to get them reworked – which I was).

I love tattoo’s, I love people with tattoos #myspiritanimals 

Most Painful spot: 

Ribs everyday, the one I got recently on my forearm – absolutely no pain at all, very strange experience. But them Ribs though…

My folks have always been okay with me getting tattooed – luckily – I would hate to try hide something like a tattoo from them. At school I always knew girls that did that… I really dont know how. I dont prance around the house naked, but I do wear a bikini when I tan… if i changed that #alarmbells

Check out this lady’s amazing work on her instagram (she did my flower): Dom Otto